The Grandsons of Italy In America
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The Grandsons of Italy in America is an Italian club for Italian men in Los Angeles, California.
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Cooking and Cursing
Cooking and Cursing
with the Grandsons of Italy

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Proceeds from the sale of this
Cooking DVD help fund our
annual party for physically and
mentally challenged children.

For more info on Cooking and Cursing,
contact Vinnie Corbo

PFI - 818-376-1225

The Grandsons of Italy in America (G.O.I.I.A.), a nonprofit organization, had its infancy in September 1989, when Tony Vallo founded an Italian-American men's group. Led by Vallo, the group, which included Mike Policare, Lou DeMarco, Gino Dente, and Jimmy Ceasar, started to meet twice a month to reflect on their Italian- American upbringing and have a good time. By October 1992, after the group grew to more than 50 members, it was voted to organize into a social club to prevent the loss of the Italian culture as Italian-Americans were being assimilated into the American culture. An executive board (President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and Member-at-Large) was elected, by-laws were adopted, and a vote to incorporate approved.
We are located in Los Angeles, California and have our
meetings in North Hollywood.

The purpose of the Grandsons of Italy is manifold:
1. To perpetuate our Italian heritage and values
__which contributed greatly to making-this a great country.
2. To serve as a charitable organization by utilizing our
__membership’s vast diversified talents,-vocations,
__ aptitudes and abilities in helping:
----• Children regardless of race, religion,
__ or ethnic background;
----• Each other whenever the need arises.
3. To welcome a new member so he would feel at home
__ with the old gang that he left back East, Midwest or South.
4. To enjoy each other's company.
5. To highlight each meeting by eating, laughing
__and arguing a moot point.

John Leopardi 213-434-7266

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